Junk Skip Bins

Junk Skip Bins

Junk skip bins are a cheap and effective rubbish removal solution for Brisbane residents; be it general waste or a mix of general and garden waste. When it comes to rubbish removal, it doesn’t have to...
Garden Skip Bins

Garden Skip Bins

We offer a reliable skip bin service in Brisbane that caters to your green waste needs. Our garden skip bins are a cheap and effective green waste removal solution for a garden clean-up of any size. Mak...

Skip Bins are perfect for rubbish removal and garden clean-ups. If taking a considerable amount of garbage from a site seems like a hassle, you can hire a skip bin and have the waste removed by professionals. Skip bins are the ideal solution for cleaning up accumulated piles of rubbish from home renovations, construction sites, household rubbish and more. If you want to cut back your garden, skip bins will make light work out of a heavy job! Whether commercial buildings, shopping centres or industrial sites, skip bins will help make the clean-up process quick and easy.

4 Waste Skip Bins in Brisbane offer just three skips size; a 6 cubic meter capacity, an 8 cubic meter capacity and a 12 cubic meter capacity. Our point of difference lies in our unique ‘pay as you go’ approach – you only pay for the level of rubbish you fill. The fill levels available are 2m3, 3m3, 4m3, 5m3, 6m3, 7m3, 8m3, 9m3, 10m3, 11m3, 12m3. The only choice you need to make is whether you have a large amount of waste to remove and therefore need a maximum capacity of 8 or 12 cubic meters or a small amount, therefore requiring a 6 cubic meter skip. Our 6 cubic meter skips are each 3m long x 1.8m wide x 1.2m high, while our 8 cubic meter skips are  3.2m length x 1.8m width x 1.9m height – each can be used for 100% green waste, junk removal, or a mixture of both.

While other Brisbane Skip Bin Companies may have trouble accessing hard-to-reach areas, our small 2-tonne trucks can position your bin in tight locations with ease. Our skip bins also feature a rear door that provides easy access to add your rubbish safely.

The 4 Waste Skip Bins service area covers all suburbs of Brisbane Southside. View our Service Areas page for the complete list of suburbs we deliver our skip bins.


Skip Bins FAQs

  • Why do I need a Junk Skip Bin?

    Junk Skip Bins are a cost effective method to get rid of all your household junk. Our lightweight skip bins are specially designed to carry up to 1250 kg of rubbish so whether you’re a home owner, business owner or construction company; if you need a skip bin in Brisbane to remove your rubbish, know 4 Waste Skip Bins are ideal.




  • Why do I need a Garden Skip Bin?

    Garden Skip Bins are an economical and practical way to get rid of your green garden waste. Tree limbs, palm tree branches and grass clippings can be hard to get rid of without the aid of a Brisbane rubbish removal service. 4 Waste is able to help provide skip bins, garden bins and garden bags to your door, leaving you with nothing but a beautiful garden. You’ll never have to hire a trailer and make a trip to the tip again!




  • What can be put in the skip bins?

    Our skip bins accept a wide variety of waste types, from general waste to green waste and a mix of each.

    • General Waste: Commercial and general household waste, small to heavy items of rubbish. Waste sources include building, construction and industrial waste.
    • Mixed waste: Any combination of green waste, general waste, and household waste. Generally, the load on mixed waste is 50% of heavy waste materials.
    • Green waste: Green waste examples are grass and branches, cut down trees, bark and other recyclable materials. Garden skip bins offer green waste collections that can be classified as organic.




  • What cannot be put in the skip bins?

    Skip bins are not designed for hazardous waste, such as chemicals, gas bottles, liquid paints, etc. Hard fill waste such as soil, concrete, titles, rubble, junk mail (100%) and gravel is prohibited.




  • What about Placement and Permits

    It is recommended that your skip bin be placed on your property so you don’t have to apply for council permits. Council permits are not required in the Brisbane area. Skip bins can be put in places that do not disrupt pedestrian areas. They must be placed in a safe area to allow our collection service to pick up the skip bin without disruption.